Thursday, February 16, 2012

EOD #1 - Take a walk

Pick a street, neighborhood, business park, any area you've never been and check it out.

It's sounds simple right? Like lab rats thousands of us flock to the same eateries at Noon everyday. I got tired of looking at the same people I work with, in work clothes, talking about work stuff, while shoveling food in as fast as possible and decided to take a left instead of a right and found the Guadalupe River Trail in San Jose.

I saw a jogger behind the old BAE building close to North 1st in San Jose, I checked it out and what do you know, I now have a place to jog after work.

Sure you might come back to the office with dust or dirt on your shoes, but isn't lunch time supposed to be like recess? should be. Getting a little lost makes it easy to take the mental break you need.

Taking a little time to explore a new area every week provides perspective and keeps my mind fresh. It might not be an African Safari, but taking a left instead of a right can sometimes make all the difference.

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